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Landfall  is a multimedia graphic novel that tells the story of two women — one a jaded paramedic and the other a reluctant gang member — who inadvertently cross paths and discover that they share a hidden secret. When a dangerous storm sets its sights on their island home of Galveston, Texas, the women have a chance to change each others' lives for the better — but at a great risk.

Landfall, which incorporates video, photo-illustration, sound, and music is designed to be a uniquely digital experience accessible on any device from a 27" desktop iMac to a pocket-sized smart phone.

Experience the story with the mini-player below, or at


Written, directed, edited and produced by Christina Mattison Ebert  •  Asst. Director: Christina Roussos  •  Director of Photography: Eric J. Ochoa  •  Sound Recording: Joseph "Urbie" Davis  •  Makeup:  Wendy Martin  Production Assistant: Jeannie Gistri   •  Music: Tyler Tadlock / Spirituals



The final narrative of Landfall was built using Klynt multimedia software.

video clips



Behind-the-scenes of Landfall.
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